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Nick Petten
Communication Design, SiG@Waterloo

I find myself in a world between research and practice after completing a Masters in Childhood Studies, currently advising at the MaRS Discovery District, and working for Microsoft’s Partners in Learning program. I consider myself an action researcher who seeks to critically understand the field that I work in.

My main research interests are the nature of private sector involvement in public education systems. I am currently considering a rights-based approach to private sector enterprise within an emerging digitally-facilitated economy.

I am dedicated to the ambitious goal of universal primary education for all children regardless of ability, and national and cultural borders. I hope to work within partnerships that are built on strong interpersonal relationships.

I live in Toronto, Ontario with my partner, Jenna, and pet Hermit Crab, Hermie, who teaches me about patience and how to climb. I can often be found in espresso bars scribbling in my 100% post-consumer recycled notebook.


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